Traceability Routes for Electrical Power Quality Measurement

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WP4: Long-term development plans for power and PQ measurements for each partner

Partners involved: CEM (WP Leader), BIM, CMI, FER, IMBiH, INRIM, JV, LNE, Metrosert, NSAI, SIQ, RISE (SP) and TUBITAK.

The EURAMET “Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe” established that considerable metrology research is necessary to support the Energy Grand Challenge. The aim of this work package is for each partner from a developing NMI/DI to develop an individual strategy for the long-term operation of the capacity developed, including regulatory support, research collaborations, quality schemes and accreditation. The plan will also include a strategy for offering calibration services from the established facilities to their own country and neighbouring countries. The individual strategies will be discussed within the consortium and with other EURAMET NMIs/DIs, to ensure that a coordinated and optimised approach to the development of traceability in this field is developed for Europe as a whole.

EURAMET Procedures and Review Criteria for CMCs “EURAMET Guide No. 3 Version 2.0” established that technical support for CMCs is achieved mainly through the results of comparisons and hence participation in a comparison facilitates approval of new CMCs. It is not feasible for all the partners to develop the new capability by the end of the project. Therefore to support the establishment of new CMCs of the participating NMIs/DIs after the end of the project, a comparison protocol for a future supplementary comparison in power and PQ measurement will be prepared.

Research within this WP will be focused on a number of topics reported in the following tasks:

  1. Task 4.1: Individual future development strategies for each partner.
  2. Task 4.2: Planning a future supplementary comparison for power and PQ parameters.

Contact on WP leader:

Javier Diaz de Aguilar

Centro Espanol de Metrología (CEM)

C/del Alfar 2, ES-28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain