Traceability Routes for Electrical Power Quality Measurement

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WP1: Design and validation of the modular power and power quality (PQ) measurement setup

Partners involved: RISE (SP) (WP Leader), BIM, CEM, CMI, IMBiH, INRIM, JV, LNE, Metrosert, NSAI, SIQ, TUBITAK.

The aim of this work package is twofold. The first aim is to design, develop and validate a new modular setup for sampling power and PQ measurements based on a review of the best existing setups. The second aim is to develop calibration methods for the most commonly used system components such as current shunts, voltage dividers and wideband digitizers, with the aim of extending traceability of power and PQ measurements up to 1 MHz.

The results of a preliminary survey conducted amongst the partners during the partnering meeting, a follow up questionnaire sent to the members of the EURAMET TC-EM power and energy sub committee and also a discussion with commercial calibration laboratory representatives indicated that most laboratories have access to either sampling DMMs such as Agilentís 3458A or to wideband digitizers (mostly National Instruments 5922)

The sampling DMM 3458A offers unparalleled stability and linearity for low frequency (LF) measurements (up to approximately 20 kHz). To cover the frequency range up to 1 MHz the use of high speed digitizers such as NI 5922 is necessary. All partners have access to sampling DMM 3458As and will be able to use the sampling DMMs for the establishment of the LF modular setup, and many of the partners will also be able to use NI 5922s for the establishment of the wideband modular setup.

Research within this WP will be focused on a number of topics reported in the following tasks:

  1. Task 1.1: Review of existing measurement and calibration methods, measurement setups and associated hardware and software. Partners involved: INRIM, RISE (SP), CEM and TUBITAK.
  2. Task 1.2: Development of new capabilities and calibration methods for power and PQ measurements. Partners involved: CMI, INRIM, TUBITAK, JV and SIQ.
  3. Task 1.3: Design and development of a modular setup for the measurement of power and PQ quantities. Partners involved: LNE, RISE (SP), INRIM, CMI, CEM, TUBITAK, JV and SIQ.
  4. Task 1.4: Verification and validation of the modular measurement setups. Partners involved: CEM, NSAI, TUBITAK, IMBiH, BIM, RISE (SP), Metrosert and CMI.

Contact on WP leader:

Valter Tarasso

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

P.O.Box 857, SE-501 15 Boras, Sweden